Detroit mayor orders city's top lawyer to drop lawsuit with state of Michigan

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing says Krystal Crittendon failed to follow city charter when she filed civil suit against state of Michigan

DETROIT - Mayor Dave Bing has ordered the city's chief lawyer to drop a lawsuit she filed contesting the legality of an agreement between Detroit and the state.

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In a letter obtained Tuesday by Local 4's Roger Weber, Bing says Corporation Counsel Krystal Crittendon failed to follow Detroit's charter when filing the civil suit.

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"By virtue of my authority as Mayor and under the 2012 Charter, I am directing you to withdraw the complaint filed by your office. By taking this action you have exceeded your authority under the charter and have put the city's financial stability at substantial risk of serious financial consequences," the letter reads.

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Bing says the charter authorizes such a suit at the mayor's direction.

Crittendon filed the suit through her office. It claims the consent deal reached in April between Bing and Gov. Rick Snyder is invalid because the state owes Detroit $220 million in past revenue sharing and other unpaid bills.

Snyder has said the state does not owe Detroit the money.

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Speaking Tuesday in Birmingham, Snyder said Detroit's in a "crisis." He says he's ready to "take action" to protect Detroit residents and the state.
Snyder has stopped short of saying he'll appoint an emergency manager. He says there are a "variety of steps" to take should Detroit officials violate their consent agreement with Michigan.

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"You don't put the city at risk of not being able to pay our police officers and our firefighters and scaring the hell out of citizens saying we're going to run out of cash," said City Council President Charles Pugh. "That's irresponsible."

An Ingham County judge is expected to hear the lawsuit Wednesday.

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-- Detroit Mayor Dave Bing met with City Council on Monday.

-- Detroit Corporation Counsel Krystal Crittendon

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