Detroit mayoral candidates Duggan, Napoleon try to get voters on their side at forum

Candidates working for every vote while many Detroiters say they are still undecided

By Will Jones - Reporter

DETROIT - Although the general election is still weeks out, most Detroit voters we talked to say they're paying close attention to the mayor's race.

"I just want to see my city thrive. And I want to make sure we get the best possible person in there," said Konica Thomas

"This race is very important to me. As a citizen of Detroit I feel that we need someone who really overlooks the city that cares about the structure, that cares about the population," said LaTanya Walker.

Candidates Mike Duggan and Benny Napoleon are working for every single vote, taking their messages directly to voters at campaign stops across the city. But their messages may be a hard sell to undecided voters like Carlos Arnold.

Right now he has no plans to vote.

"I just don't think they will do what they say. We will see as time comes," said Arnold.

Both men made stops this evening at a candidates forum in New City Park. They spoke on variety of subjects including the crime and blight plaguing many Detroit neighborhoods. Napoleon and Duggan do believe their messages are gaining traction with voters.

"It is always important to get out and reach and touch the voters find out what's on their mind. Let them know what you are going to do and how you are going to do it," Napoleon said.

"You know it's seven or eight stops a day. This afternoon I did my 213th house party. So I have been going to living room to living room basement to basement, all across the city," said Duggan.

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