Detroit mayoral candidates talk crime fighting with business owners

Mike Duggan, Benny Napoleon speak at Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce lunch-in

By Roger Weber - Reporter

DETROIT - Detroiters will each be taking different concerns with them when they we go to the polls in November.

For many Detroit small business owners, crime is the top issue they want candidates for mayor to address.

That's where Mike Duggan and Benny Napoleon's campaign paths crossed Thursday.

The two men didn't share the stage but they did share a hug at the Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce lunch-in in West Bloomfield.

Many members, like Marten Brikho, have businesses in Detroit and they are worried about crime.

"But the problem is we call the police and they respond within 6 hours or after 6 hours, it's like, 'Wait a minute, where are you guys,'" said Brikho.

Each candidate can claim crime fighting credentials.

"If you look at my track record when I was a prosecutor, the criminals were not in charge in this town," said Duggan.

"He fought crime looking out the window of the eleventh floor. I fought crime on the streets of this community. So I have a very practical stand point," said Napoleon.

The resumes are different, but each candidate is pledging better use of technology in crime fighting and more efficient deployment of officers.

Of particular concern to business owners are people loitering outside of their establishments.

"Loiters outside any place of business is a 911 call that needs to be responded to," said Duggan.

"It is the responsibility of the Detroit Police Department not owners of business to maintain the safety of the streets of the City of Detroit," said Napoleon.

Each candidate says good things about Police Chief James Craig and Napoleon is a longtime friend.

"The bottom line is he got to get the job done," Napoleon said.

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