Detroit mother speaks about fear she feels in community, home

Allison Rutledge fearful of neighborhood on Detroit's southwest side after string of break ins


A Detroit mother is speaking about the fear she feels for her safety, her child's safety, and for her community.

Allison Rutledge says her neighborhood is under attack from criminals.

Rutledge, age 24, is a single mom raising her 3-year-old son Elijah. They live on 31st Street on the city's southwest side.

The neighborhood has abandoned homes, but the area is also home to the newly constructed Newberry housing, where a lot of single moms live.

Rutledge says she moved to the area 3 months ago, thinking it was a good spot to raise a family. Now, she fears her family is at risk after her home was recently broken into.

"The table flipped up, the couches flipped out. It was just a mess," said Rutledge. Her televisions stolen, money gone, even Elijah's toys and shoes were stolen.

"When you are a mom you are supposed to protect your child, and to not be able to protect your child and your child to be scared is just a horrible feeling," she said.

Rutledge started talking to her neighbors. "I had a cousin, her house broken into twice, the lady next door her house broken into three times. My friend at the end of the block, her house broken into twice," she said. "This house is empty now, the family moved out, and her neighbor in this house just moved out a few days ago, all fearful of the crime."

Rutlege says the rental company, Elite Management should be doing more.

She says she requested a new door from Elite when she moved in to the home. Rutlege says Elite never provided the door, making her at risk for a break-in.

"I want to get out of my lease," Rutledge said. "I just want it to be known, there is a lot of stuff happening here."

Rutlege says her mom now comes by to stay with her, fearing the criminals may come back.

She has installed cameras, a security system and bars over her door, hoping a break in won't happen again.

Rutledge is speaking out to warn other families to be careful. "I did contact Detroit police on the concerns in this neighborhood, I have been told the location has been placed on the special attention roster," she said.

Local-4's calls to Elite Management have not been returned. But, after calls Rutledge said the company show up and made a bunch of repairs to the home.

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