Detroit neighborhood flooded for week after water main break

Neighbors in Rosedale Park say they have been calling city of Detroit constantly since water main broke, flooded area


A water main has broken and flooded a Detroit neighborhood near Glastonbury Avenue and Fenkell Street.

The area of Detroit's Rosedale Park neighborhood has been submerged for an entire week. Residents have been told there is a 6-inch break in the water main.

The mess looks like more than just 6 inches of damage for the people who live in the area. They have been calling constantly to get it fixed.

"I've just been getting a lot of attitude. Hung up on, numerous times. An ambulance, when I came home from class, was trying to get down the street but they had to back up because there was no way for them to come down without getting stuck," said Jan Byrd, who lives in the area.

On Monday afternoon, when Local 4 showed up, the city of Detroit's water department trucks showed up, too. Neighbors do not think this was a coincidence.

"Paying all these taxes over here and we can't get any service," said Al Bryant, a neighbor.

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