Detroit police, firefighters honor anniversary of 9/11

DPD, DFD pause to remember first responders, victims who died in September 11th attacks

By Will Jones - Reporter


September 11th is a day we all pause to reflect on the attacks that changed our country forever.

It was the day hundreds of first responders ran toward danger to save people and some lost their lives. Detroit police and firefighters are remembering those victims today.

Although more than a decade has come and gone since the 9/11 attacks, the memory of that day has not faded with time.

For the 11th year Detroit police officers and firefighters took time in Campus Martius to remember the attacks and the lives lost including the hundreds of first responders who took the same pledge they did, to protect.

In addition to looking back during this 9/11memorial, these emergency workers are also looking forward and asking themselves how secure is Detroit in a post 9/11 world.

"I worry every day that it could happen here and any other major city in the country," said Commander Steve Dolunt with the Detroit Police Department.

Mayor Dave Bing says 9/11 is a reminder of the importance of police, firefighters, paramedics and other emergency  workers in times of crisis.

Bing says more can be done here in Detroit to improve emergency services.

"I know there are challenges that are first responders have where they don't have the equipment they need. Obviously they are underpaid. They are overworked. But we are going to come out if this and be better for it," Bing said.

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