Detroit police union stalls 12-hour work day rule

Police union successfully extends deadline for 12-hour work day rule as members fight Detroit police chief in court

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®


Detroit police officers currently work traditional 8-hour shifts.

That was supposed to end Sunday night. However, the deadline to move the shifts to 12 hours has been extended for now.

That's because a temporary restraining order issued by Judge John Murphy on Thursday stopped the work rule changes.

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee is looking to impose 12-hour work days for most Detroit police officers, excluding those in narcotics, gang squad and homicide. The officers would work two 12-hour days, then get two off before working three days and getting three days off.

The Detroit police officers union, as promised, went to court to try to stop the chief. The union has succeeded for the time being.

On Thursday, Detroit Police Officers Association President Joe Duncan said in a statement, "The DPOA is defending its position that the city of Detroit has legal obligation to collectively bargain. That is all we have ever wanted to do. We are quite pleased with Judge Murphy's ruling because while the city of Detroit is looking to get financial relief, this set of work rules goes far beyond that."

The city likely will appeal the case. This past week, Godbee said he expected the unions would fight his work rules tooth and nail. However, he said the changes are vital for a force which is already 140 officers over budget.

The next hearing for the temporary restraining order is in September.

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