Detroit Public Schools seeks feedback from parents

Survey will be distributed to parents of all 48,000 students

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DETROIT - Detroit Public Schools will be sending customer satisfaction surveys to parents this week. They are hoping to receive valuable feedback about the schools before this school year ends in attempts to prepare for next year.

"The valuable feedback provided by our parents gives us tremendous insights and additional substantial opportunities to strengthen our existing customer relationships, which we believe is essential to increasing retention rates," said Emergency Manager Jack Martin.

This will be the second district-wide survey this year, covering concerns like program offerings, customer service and school safety. 

In an effort to reach more families than they did with the December 2013- February 2014 survey, in which only 21.3 percent of families responded, DPS will create an online version of the survey as well as an automated phone survey.

The results of the past survey were shared with leaders in every building and showed parental satisfaction equivalent to a 4.0-4.1 on a 5.0 scale. The lowest satisfaction was regarding safety outside of school, in particular safe routes to get there.

Other new initiatives included, a new district ombudsperson, customer service front office training, an expanded parent help line, and 72-hour customer service guarantee.

Teachers are also being encouraged to place appreciation phone calls to the parents/guardians of the students in their classrooms.


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