Detroit street iced over for week, residents frustrated

Residents believe water main break may be to blame for iced-over Cortland Street pm Detroit's west side, want city's help to fix problem


As you take a turn onto the 2600 block of Cortland Street on Detroit's west side it doesn't take long for you to realize the ride ahead isn't going to be an easy one.

Nearly the entire street is covered with more than 1 foot of ice. The terrain is a slippery, hole-ridden mess.

Some drivers try to avoid it, period. Others try to speed through it. Constance Smith, however, wasn't so lucky.

"I didn't even know it was that thick right here," she said. "I tried to put my car in reverse but it's just a big glob of ice."

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Smith's grandmother, Rose Bowlson, says the ice has been piling up on Cortland Street for at least more than a week. She is afraid to drive down the street.

"I am a taxpayer. It's very disappointing," Bowlson said.

Bowlson believes a water main break at one of the abandoned houses down the street is causing the problem. She has been in contact with the city of Detroit, it's water department and even a City Council member. So far, nothing has fixed the problem.

"I want them to come out here, make the repair and plow the ice," Bowlson said.

Residents say they believe there is a water main break where the water is coming from. They hope the city can fix it.

Local 4 called the city to see what has been done to fix the problem but has not heard back from anyone yet.

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