Detroit woman fed up with arson in her neighborhood

Fires in east Detroit neighborhood has woman fighting to get abandoned homes demolished

DETROIT - It's a Detroit neighborhood where it appears there is nothing left.

However, upon closer looks, there is a sign of life on the 4000 block of St. Clair Street on the city's east side.

"I am one of the citizens who tries to clean up and I'm tired," said Rakina Boyd.

Boyd, her husband and three kids have lived in their two-story home for the past year. The family was forced out early Wednesday morning when two abandoned houses behind them caught fire and spread to their home.

"I was so frightened all I could do was grab my kids, my dogs and my rabbit and run out the house," said Boyd.

It was a close call but Detroit firefighters were able to save the family's home.

"My roof was on fire. Sparks flying everywhere," said Boyd.

There was another fire in the neighborhood just hours later.

"I know somebody is starting the fires," said Boyd. "And I know that it is jeopardizing my family."

Not much remains at the home but Boyd is fighting to keep what little she has. She is the driving force behind a push to have abandoned houses knocked down before there is nothing left to knock down. Due to financial reasons, the Boyd family is not able to move from the area.

"They don't realize they are messing with their own community."

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