Emails: Kevyn Orr received question list prior to interviewing for Detroit's EM job

Emails part of lawsuit that says Orr's hiring violated Open Meetings Act

By Kevin Dietz - Reporter

DETROIT - Kevyn Orr did so well during his interview for the job of Detroit's emergency financial manager that he got the job on the spot, maybe that's because he knew the questions he would be asked ahead of time.

New emails obtained by the Local 4 Defenders show Orr was given his questions prior to his interview.

By all accounts, Orr aced his interview to be Detroit's first emergency financial manager.

But Friday, more embarrassing emails were released -- this time showing Orr was given the questions board members would ask. He also received talking points and tips for dealing with the media and community.

It's the latest proof in allegations that the state violated the Open Meetings Act by picking Orr without a legitimate search for other candidates.

It's upsetting too many because Gov. Rick Snyder told Detroiters a board would interview candidates and pick the best person for the job.

Now, emails show Orr was offered the job and given interview questions well in advance.

In a statement, Orr's spokesperson says he neither asked for nor received any special consideration during this process.

The state says no laws were broken

The emails are part of a lawsuit asking that Orr be ousted as financial manager.

Nobody thinks that will happen, but the emails show Snyder wanted Orr, and people were willing to bend over backwards to make sure Orr did well in his interview.

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