Gas station owner apologizes about shooting

Michael Haynes shot, killed Saturday

DETROIT - The owner of the BP gas station where a clerk shot and killed a customer over a box of condoms spoke out to Local 4 on Sunday.

"I am really sorry and I apologize for his family. Sorry is probably not enough," said the owner of the gas station who did not give his name.                                                                                                                          

The owner said he and his workers feel very bad about what happened to Michael Haynes. According to store workers, the 24-year-old had a dispute over the price of a box of condoms with the clerk Saturday morning. The incident happened on Fenkell near Meyers at the BP Gas Station. Witnesses tell Local 4, Haynes asked for his money back, but the clerk refused. Friends of Haynes said he became angry and knocked over a snack stand and that's when the clerk came from behind the glass and shot him.

"Before he got shot he broke everything in his way in the gas station. We have a witness, but that doesn't mean he's supposed to be shot," said the owner.

According to the owner, it was all a big mistake. He said the store clerk didn't even know he had shot Haynes and said the clerk is in so much pain over what happened.

"Don't think he's happy now, he's crying. He made a mistake and he's probably going to pay his life for this mistake," said the owner.

The owner hopes his customers can forgive his clerk.

"I love my community here, I love my neighborhood, I love my customers," said the owner.

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