Gov. Snyder talks possibility of emergency manager for Detroit

Michigan governor says long-term liability is 'critically important' when discussing Detroit's financial future, possible emergency manager

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter


Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder was on the road Monday night and made a stop in Bloomfield Hills to discuss where Detroit's emergency manager process stands.

Snyder has repeatedly said he has not made a final decision on an emergency manager for Detroit. However, the expectation from every Local 4 source in Lansing is that Snyder will be forced to do so because of the city's financial crisis.

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So what, according to the "Tough Nerd," will be the tipping point in making a decision in favor of an emergency manager?

"I asked the review team to look at the long-term liability situation, and to really lay that out in a clear way, because I view that as critically important," Snyder said.

While he has been upfront about talking to several candidates, are they in state or out of state?

"We're very open to people that live in the city, that are Detroiters. People across the state, across the nation. If you think about it, this is a very difficult position, so in many respects some of the people that you think would be great people (for the job), just wouldn't be interested in doing this. This is asking for a sacrifice," the governor said.

While the financial bottom line is of utmost importance, it's no secret that there have been questions raised about whether making this decision would result in civil unrest.

Sources tell Local 4 that Detroit police has told state officials that will not be an issue in the city if an emergency manager is appointed.

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