Hair stolen from Detroit's Royal Beauty Supply shop, again

Royal Beauty Supply shop owner says her business is often targeted by thieves who want hair

By Lauren Podell - Reporter


Royal Beauty Supply on Detroit's west side sells just about any hair and beauty supply item you can imagine.

Hair extensions range in price from $12.99, $24.99 and even up to $140. However, the bad guys have their eyes on only the real expensive merchandise. On Wednesday morning, they got their hands on it.

"Seven, eight, nine ... they stole 10 racks of hair," said Royal Beauty Supply employee who did not want to be named in this story.

The robbers busted through a front window and even cut through a metal gate about 4:30 a.m. They were able to spend 20 minutes in the store, making multiple trips and stealing hundreds of dollars worth of hair used for weaves, the owner said.

"We've been running this store for 10 years and have had so many robberies. It's dangerous here," said Kim, the store owner, who did not want her full name included in this story.

That's right. This isn't the first time Royal Beauty Supply has been a target of thieves. The store was broken into 18 months ago. The bad guys busted through the dry wall of a vacant building next door and stole hair out of their stock room.

"There is a black market for hair out there," said customer Lanissa Freeman. "Times are hard, money is tight, but people will still do anything to look good."

The store does have a surveillance system but the video was so dark that no suspects could be spotted. Anyone with information on this break-in should contact the Detroit Police Department.

Thieves broke into the beauty supply shop through a window.

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