House of Representatives candidate's yard signs stolen

Adam Hollier signs stolen from Detroit Homes

DETROIT - Detroit residents are reporting yard signs being stolen from their lawns.

Michigan House of Representatives candidate Adam Hollier says he has been receiving numerous phone calls from supporters about their yard signs missing from their lawns.

The signs are in support of his campaign and they were reportedly stolen Monday night.

Hollier says at least 150 signs were taken.

"Yard signs are an expensive and time consuming part of a campaign and it is disappointing to see them stolen in the dark of night" said Hollier. "In these times when we are seeking good government and there is an outcry from the public for an end to corruption, it's sad to see these acts of vandalism and dirty political tricks."

Hollier says it costs $5 to make each sign.  He says his campaign is now out $750.

"While this situation is certainly frustrating, it's a sign that some people are scared by the overwhelming response I have been getting in local neighborhoods, and I'm going to work even harder to make sure it continues to grow."

Mrs. Elvinia Vaughn, a supporter whose yard sign was stolen, said in response to the theft "They can take my lawn sign, but they can't take my vote."

Hollier's campaign is now asking people to be on the lookout for any discarded signs.

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