How bad are Detroit's crime stats?

Detroit police sources: murder remains same, but other crimes are down

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

DETROIT - After New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg bragged about his city's low homicide rate at the expense of Detroit and Mayor Dave Bing gave his response, it begs the question: how bad are Detroit's crime stats?

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A call to internal sources at the Detroit Police Department tells us while there has been no change in the city's murder rate, some major crimes are down 20 percent and other crimes have seen smaller reductions, about 1 to 16 percent.

But here's the bigger issue: Sources with direct knowledge of the numbers question how they're tabulated and whether they are correct. Why? Because they believe they're underreported. One major reason is DPD closes its precinct doors at 4 p.m. and reopens at 8 a.m.

Go into the Detroit neighborhoods and people will tell you the perception is things aren't getting better, but worse.

"The neighborhoods are not the same, houses are getting burned, children are losing their lives, care are getting stolen. A lot of people are dying out here," said Angela Castro.

She feels it's only getting worse in her west side neighborhood.

The hunt for a new Detroit Police Chief is underway right now.

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