In court: Victim of Detroit 'blow torch rapist' recalls attack

Woman says defendant pulled gun on her, beat her, burned her with torch

By Roger Weber - Reporter

DETROIT - The 43-year-old woman limped to the witness stand on Friday.

She described being attacked at 2 a.m. on Detroit's west side. She was abducted, beaten and burned with a blow torch.

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"Out of nowhere some man came up with a gun and put it on me," she said.

She said defendant Roderick Neely forced her into his car after she walked out of a gas station.

"He beat me 20 times in my face," she told the court.

When she regained consciousness her clothes were off and the man was burning her with a blow torch. She said Neely burned her on her leg and the bottoms of her feet. She has not accused Neely of rape, but she said she did black out during the attack.

According to her testimony, she was carrying a screwdriver for protection, and she used it. She said she hit her attacker with the screwdriver in his eye.

She says he swore at her and said he would kill her. That's when she jumped out of the car.

Under cross examination she said she doesn't know what happened to the screwdriver. Neely's lawyer, Josh Gordon, tried to show inconsistencies in her description of the man who attacked her.

When assistant prosecutor Carol Murray expressed sympathy for the victim, Gordon erupted.

"Objection, judge! How dare you? She said 'I'm very sorry for you' and all this other stuff," he said.

Neely was ordered to stand trial on charges including torture, unlawful imprisonment and assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct. He is being held without bond.

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