Investigation continues into 13-year-old Detroit boy's assault; police have person of interest

Boy says two men pulled him out of Detroit school, assaulted him at house nearby

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter


A 13-year-old boy's mother has been trying to comfort her son after an awful Wednesday.

The Detroit boy had been expelled from school at Wayne Elementary for what is described as a behavioral problem. He was waiting at school to be picked up when, he says, he saw two men banging on the school door. He let the men inside and, he says, they abducted him.

From that point the boy's story has been changing, police sources say. Sources tell Local 4 the boy was not abducted from school. After he was medically checked out at a hospital doctors say there is no sign of a sexual assault.

However, something did happen to the 13-year-old boy and police investigators are working to find out what and why.

Police say the boy was taken to a nearby house by two people he knows. They have identified a person of interest, sources say.

Neighbors found him walking down the street bloodied and bruised with his hands tied behind his back. He was missing his pants.

-- Wayne Elementary School

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