Kwame Kilpatrick claims he has received death threats

Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick says he has received death threats but evidence remains to be seen

DETROIT - Kwame Kilpatrick is managing to make headlines despite the down time in his federal trial.

The former Detroit mayor says he has received death threats this past month. According to published reports, he shared his concern with his parole agent but has not provided evidence of a real threat.

Kilpatrick trial on hold until Nov. 13

It's a serious allegation coming from the ex-mayor who faces serious federal charges of corruption. It's unclear how Kilpatrick received the alleged threat. State officials are still waiting for the disgraced ex-mayor to provide any evidence of someone actually threatening to end his life.

The accusations first came to light in state prison files. Kilpatrick apparently was uneasy when it was made public he moved into his mother's home. This comes after the public also was made aware that Kilpatrick, who still owes the city of Detroit hundreds of thousands of dollars in restitution for another conviction, was staying at a downtown Detroit hotel free of charge.

Even a few days after informing his parole agent of the death threat, Kilpatrick again failed to provide proof. Did the threat come through email, social media or, perhaps, to his face.

No one knows and more than a month after he first shared his concern, there is no proof.

Kilpatrick's trial won't start up again until Nov. 13. The judge is giving a defense attorney time to recover from an illness.

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