Kwame Kilpatrick On Trial: Narrowing down the jury pool

Jury pool was cut down on Thursday

DETROIT - Day two of jury selection will start Friday morning for former mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick in his federal racketeering trial.

On Thursday, Kilpatrick seemed at ease as he gave spoke to supporters as he made his way into court and in the courtroom he was relaxed. During breaks, Kilpatrick would join other defendants Bobby Ferguson and his father Bernard Kilpatrick. Defendant Victor Mercado seemed to keep his distance and so did his legal team during questioning.

"I think that's a strategic move. I think Mr. Mercado's defense is going to be I'm not with these people, I'm not involved with these other people," said legal expert Keith Corbett.

At least a dozen potential jurors were questioned on Thursday. Two African Americans were excused, one because she said she couldn't judge anyone. Three white males and two white females moved on to the next round. All jurors were asked if they knew about Kilpatrick's previous legal problems and also if they have any negative feelings about African Americans.

"The African American community knows that there is a disparity in treatment. By and large the white America community does not believe or refuses to believe that and by the way they're wrong," said legal expert Geoffrey Fieger.

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