Kwame Kilpatrick ordered back to state court for missed restitution payment

Former Detroit mayor still owes city $850,000 in restitution, but missed $500 payment last month

By Kevin Dietz - Reporter

DETROIT - Kwame Kilpatrick seemed irritated Wednesday on his way into Detroit court.

The former mayor was dodging cameras, for a change, and was not eager to explain why he was late on his mandatory $500 monthly restitution payment to the city of Detroit or why he failed to perform his 16 hours of community service.

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Now, Kilpatrick may really have to pay for it. On Wednesday, Judge David Groner, who threw Kilpatrick in jail for a year and 1/2 for hiding assets instead of paying his debt to Detroit a few years back, has ordered Kilpatrick back to his courtroom for a hearing next Wednesday.

As he exited court, Kilpatrick wanted to talk about scarf colors, not Judge Groner.

Kilpatrick, Judge Groner not strangers

Kilpatrick was hit with a $1 million restitution payment for lying under oath in a police whistleblower case. He still owes $850,000 to the city he once held office in. A Local 4 Defender investigation uncovered how the former mayor was living large in Texas, driving a Cadillac Escalade and staying in a mansion bigger than the Manoogian. The findings led to court hearings to find out where Kilpatrick was getting his money.

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Judge Groner found Kilpatrick's answers evasive, so he locked him up. The judge later ordered all proceeds of Kilpatrick's autobiography to be frozen. Kilpatrick fought that. The Court of Appeals said he should be put under oath to find out more about his book contract.

Now, a day after the news broke of his missed restitution payment, Groner ordered Kilpatrick back to his court where it is very possible Kilpatrick could find himself on the witness stand and ordered to tell the truth.

"If the (former) mayor refuses to answer then there is always the prospect of contempt of court which does give the court jurisdiction to incarcerate him," said legal expert Keith Corbett. "But, I think that's a fairly remote possibility."

For the record, according to Wayne County Prosecutor's Office spokeswoman Maria Miller, Kilpatrick's late $500 November payment was received Wednesday. It was mailed in.

Kilpatrick issued an apology to Detroit residents on Wednesday with the following tweet:

"Detroit, I deeply regret my role in yet another distraction from the far more critical issues of crime, finances morale and progress."

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