Man helps pull officers from rolled Detroit police car

Marcus Bryant watched police car crash on Greenfield Road, ran to help


Marcus Bryant says he felt like a stunt man.

"It looked like something from a movie, seriously," he said. "I seen the police cars chasing them."

Two Detroit police officers and a sergent were zooming down Greenfield Road on Wednesday headed to an armed robbery when a car cut off their cruiser. The officer swerved to keep from hitting the car and oncoming traffic.

That's when the police vehicle fishtailed.

"It caught the side of that car and then the other car had lost control a little bit, swerved, kept going. The police car had started tumbling by then," said Bryant.

It tumbled a few times before landing on its side in a front yard along Greenfield Road.

Bryant was watching it all go down from his bedroom window across the street. With no hesitation he ran across the street.

"Just took a swallow of courage, man, took a deep breath, kept a level head," he said. "I climbed up the exhaust and the muffler, finally made it to the top of the car and just started working on the door, getting the door out. Pulled out the driver first. He was real shook up real bad, had a couple deep laceration, cuts on his face and on his hand."

The officer in the back seat was trapped. Minutes later, firefighters used the Jaws of Life to cut through the steel and pulled the officer to safety. When the police chief go to the scene he shook Bryant's hand and called him a hero.

"It's amazing man. It's amazing. It's a blessing. I'm glad I was able to help them out," said Bryant.

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