May already is violent month in Detroit

Since start of May 45 people have been shot in Detroit

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

DETROIT - May has started off to be a very violent month in Detroit. Since the start of May alone, 45 people have been shot in the city of Detroit.

Of those 45 shot, 10 people have died and 5 were 16-years-old or younger.

Overnight Tuesday Detroit police investigated a homicide on Lasher near Grand River from

Police say a man in his twenties was found dead in the entryway of a building. This shooting is one of at least three that occurred in the city overnight.

Two victims, including a child, were also hurt in separate shootings.

On the city's southwest side Selena Reyes says she always feared that a gunshot would come through her family's windows, and last night one shot did.

Veteran Edward Hernandez, 50, heard shots and went to his second-floor window of his home on Lockwood Street to investigate. After looking out the window he stumbled downstairs with a bullet to the chest.

~Selena Reyes~

"He came downstairs and he was like, I've been shot and we turned on all the lights and all I see is blood everywhere. It looked like somebody massacred somebody," said Reyes .

Reyes says the bullet entered her uncle's chest and exited out of his shoulder. The family says it felt like an eternity for EMS to arrive, so they rushed Hernandez to the hospital themselves.

He is in critical but stable condition. The shooting outside his home was captured on security footage.

Video footage shows a car stopping, then you can see the two flashes of gunfire. What you can't see on camera is the shooter.

Police tell Local 4 a boyfriend engaged in a shootout with his girlfriend.

On the West side of Detroit, an 11-year old boy was also an innocent victim of gunfire. The boy was on his family's couch on Prest when a 26-year-old walked up to the house carrying a pizza.

He was ambushed and shot, and is in critical condition. The 11-year-old boy, Jonathon Williams, was hit in the chest.

Police are still searching for suspects in all of Tuesday's shootings.

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