Men dressed as police officers raid Detroit man's home

Detroit 300 member accused of impersonating law enforcement in phony raid at home

DETROIT - Two men dressed as police officers with vests, badges and guns raided their neighbor's Detroit home.

It doesn't make sense to neighbors who say the man who lives at the home near Fenkell Street and Dexter Avenue is respected in the community. He is described as a good Samaritan who is always ready to lend a hand. Neighbors quickly called police.

"They pulled up in the old black, unmarked car," said one neighbor. "What threw me off, they didn't have regular police guns, they had like old 1920so rifles."

When the real Detroit police arrived at the home, the phony officers took off.

"I thought it was odd. Why would the police leave when the police was coming?" said the neighbor, who wished to remain unidentified in this story for safety concerns.

What happened?

Sources tell Local 4 the man was taking care of an elderly man on the block. The elderly man passed away and willed some of his possessions to his new caretaker. Unhappy with his decision, the elderly man's family allegedly had two men try to reclaim the possessions.

The men dressed as police and claimed they had a search warrant. Local 4 is told one of them is a member of the Detroit 300.

"One stood at the porch and one was at the door. They were knocking at the door," the neighbor said.

The good Samaritan was not hurt. Both police impostors have been arrested. The real police are investigating the case.

The Detroit 300 offered the following statement:

"We do not know all of the facts. Mr. Ezra Gray is a citizen volunteer with The Detroit 300. We do not have a membership. Nevertheless, ALL volunteers with The Detroit 300 must sign a volunteer registration form that clearly states that volunteers must act in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan and The Detroit 300 By-laws and resolutions. Any volunteer that act contrary to said laws are acting on behalf of themselves and NOT The Detroit 300. The Detroit 300 is organized like volunteers on Angel's Night in the City of Detroit. We ask people to come and help us walk neighborhoods to gather information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of people who commit violent crimes against seniors, women and children. People see us on the street and walk out of their homes and join us. Whosoever will - let him or her come and help - and we pray his or heart is in the right place." -- Che' Daniels, spokesman for The Detroit 300

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