Michigan Department of Human Services releases report on Detroit group home death

DHS report says woman died of hyperthermia after being left in heat at Detroit group home; should have licensed revoked

By Hank Winchester - Reporter


The Local 4 Defenders exposed what police investigators now are calling a serious case of elder abuse at a Detroit adult care home.

The Defenders first revealed this story in May. The allegations were a patient at the home was left sitting in the sun during extreme heat for hours. The woman finally was found by an employee, but it was too late. She was dead.

"Well, I can't help what happened," the employee told the Defenders.

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State recommends Detroit adult care home has its license revoked

After an investigation by the Defenders, the state of Michigan opened its own investigation. The Michigan Department of Human Services now is recommending that the license for the Family Ties group home should be revoked.

According to the DHS report, another elderly resident heard the victim making gurgling noises. She tried to help but the woman was too heavy, the report reads.

The victim died a short time later. The cause of death was hyperthermia.

Days before the woman's death, she was hospitalized after a fall. She was discharged and her caretakers were ordered to work to keep her hydrated.

However, just days later she was left in the hot sun for more than two hours without anything to drink, according to the DHS report.

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