Neighbors could not save elderly couple from Detroit house fire

House burns on Monica Street at West Davison Avenue


Two people have been found dead at a house fire on Monica Street at West Davison Avenue in Detroit.

The victims are an elderly couple. Neighbors say the couple is in their 90s and they have lived on the block for 50 years.

Witnesses say the fire started Friday evening in the back of the house. They ran to help but could not get into the home because of the intense flames.

When Detroit firefighters arrived the home already had been consumed by the fire. When they entered they found two people burned beyond recognition. Neighbors believe it is the elderly couple.

"The firemen told me there was no possibility that they could have gotten out because the fire was so intense and the smoke. I know a number of neighbors went out to see if they could be of assistance for them, but from what I understand there was no way," said Mel Lee, a neighbor.

Fire may have started in kitchen

It's not clear what may have caused this fire but a preliminary investigation suggests the fire started in the kitchen when the 93-year-old man tried to cook something. Both he and his wife had limited mobility and could not make it out of the house before it was too late.

"Our guys did everything they could but unfortunately this was one of those circumstances that was out of our control," said a Detroit firefighter.

The Detroit Fire Department says the response time for this fire was less than 3 minutes. There was no problem with water pressure and none of the hydrants were frozen.

Detroit police homicide detectives are at the home.

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