New Belle Isle restrictions for Detroit Fireworks

Detroit Fireworks brings changes in Belle Isle rules, regulations June 24 only

DETROIT - Usually spectators arrive at Belle Isle at the crack of dawn but this year they had to wait until 2 this afternoon because of new security measures.

LaTosha Caldwell of Detroit told Local 4, ""I'm not upset because we are going to get on there and still have a good time and get us a good spot."

People tried to do whatever they could to make sure they were one of the first ones on the island including parking right outside the entrance.

But police put a detour in that plan - forcing these drivers to shift gears into drive and move.

Others parked across the street and waited to come in.

Just before 2 pm. police opened up Belle Isle and the race was on to find that perfect spot to enjoy the show.

"It's real important, especially with the kids. They get to enjoy the water. They get to see the fireworks."

"Wherever the water is - that's where you want to go. But one time it felt like it was falling on top of us and the kids got scared."

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During the event the City of Detroit will enforce new access restrictions to Belle Isle and Hart Plaza. Admittance onto Belle Isle and pedestrian set-up at Hart Plaza will not be permitted before 2 p.m. on June 24.

Best viewing sites:

Hart Plaza: Pedestrian set-up at Hart Plaza will not be permitted before 2 p.m. on June 24.

Entry to Hart Plaza will close once it has reached desired capacity.  There is "No Re-Admittance" once you leave Hart Plaza. No tents are allowed.

No alcohol, pets, or contraband (weapons, knives, etc.) will be allowed. Flames or fires are prohibited, and cooking is prohibited.

Reserving an area in excess of the number of people currently in the group is prohibited. Coolers and backpacks will be searched

Belle Isle: The park will be closed on June 24, until 2 p.m. Viewing from the MacArthur Bridge will not be permitted.

Access to Belle Isle starts at 2 p.m. until desired capacity is reached. At that time, parking will be allowed on Sunset around to the Strand. No parking will be allowed around the Scott Fountain.

Parking on the Casino paddock is $10 per car and $20 per recreational vehicle. Only 10' x 10' canopies with no sides or see-through mesh tents are allowed.  Canopies larger than 10' x 10' are not allowed and grilling must only take place in designated areas.

Other viewing areas: Mt. Elliott Park, Owens Park and Erma Henderson Park. The Detroit RiverWalk will be CLOSED.

$10 Parking:

To accommodate parking for those attending the Fireworks, MPD will offer a $10 rate at the following City-owned garages and lots. Most of the lots are open from 6 a.m. until 1p.m., always check lots hours before parking.

  • Ford Underground Garage on 30 E. Jefferson
  • Joe Louis Arena Garage on 900 W. Jefferson
  • Millennium Garage on 432 W. Congress
  • Premier Garage on 1206-08 Woodward Ave.
  • Cadillac/Farmer Lot on 1025 Farmer

Fireworks viewing from any parking facility and tailgating are prohibited. For more information, call (313) 221-2500 or go online to


A citywide curfew will be in effect for all minors age 17 and under. Minor must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (with identification). Minors will be allowed to travel to and from work or organized sports. The curfew is in effect from 6 p.m. on June 24 until 6 a.m. on June 25.

Minors in violation of the curfew will be taken to Southwestern District at 4700 W. Fort and issued a ticket.  They will be held there until picked up by a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian also may receive a parental responsibility violation ticket.

Lost Children:

In the event that parents become separated from their children in the crowd, parents can immediately go to the following locations for help.

  • Downtown/Hart Plaza – Cobo Center, Wayne Hall – (313) 877-8777
  • Belle Isle - Harbormaster on Inselruhe and Riverbank – (313) 628-2061 or  628-2062
  • Southwest Area – Southwestern Police District – 4700 W. Fort Street - (313) 596-5300

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