Non profit hopes arrests at old Detroit Police Department building stops break-ins, thefts

Family Alliance For Change hopes string of break-ins, thefts stop after men are arrested for breaking into old Detroit police building across street

By Shawn Ley - Reporter


Only Local 4 cameras were there Tuesday morning when Detroit police found two vans running outside an old police department building on McGraw Street on the city's west side.

At least one man was inside the building trying to steal anything he could sell for scrap. Arrests were made.

The building once was a vital piece of the Detroit Police Department and home to the department's Gang Squad.

Since 2004, the building has been empty. Neighbors say it gets broken into on a weekly basis.

Social workers at the Family Alliance For Change across the street say they are being stolen from week after week, too. They can't take it any longer.

"It was a great loss," said a woman with the alliance.

The Family Alliance For Change does the vital and hard work of trying to reunite parents with children in foster care. They also work with families that are suffering from emotional problems.

Their work now is much more difficult after the office's computers were stolen. The front doors were smashed in last week. Boxes of donated clothing were bumped out so the burglars could carry out the computers.

The building's security system is no help because the thieves stole most of the video monitors during another recent break-in.

The families going to the alliance for help also have been victimized.

"When the parents park outside, when they leave as well, some of their catalytic converters are stolen off of the cars. It's very sad" said the woman with the alliance.

The group, a non profit, does not have the money to replace all the equipment they need. The group believes the same men stealing from the old DPD building have been stealing from them. They hope the arrests made Tuesday will put an end to the stealing spree.

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