Pastor Marvin Winans carjacking in Detroit has people afraid to fill up

Detroit residents hesitant to stop for gas, fearful of being robbed

DETROIT - The carjacking and robbery of world renowned pastor Marvin Winans has many people in Detroit afraid to fill up at local gas stations.  Some businesses in that neighborhood are going to great lengths to keep customers protected.

The carjacking and attack of pastor Marvin Winans has given all of us a grim reminder of the daily dangers in Detroit.

"A lot of stuff is happening around here. It's dangerous."

Folks are in fear, now hesitant to stop in this area to get gas.

Gas station owners are trying to do all they can to ease customers minds.

Uncut: Winans discusses robbery, carjacking

John Bender owns the Mobile Mart across the street from where Winans was attacked. He's now hired men to watch his pumps and even pump the gas for customers.

"I sit in my car and wait until he gets through."

Up the road Nassir Hodge installed cameras on his pumps...

"We can watch all of our customers right here."

Bottom line, store owners say they won't let a bunch of thugs drive their customers away.


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