Paula Tutman's Children's ToothFairy Foundation helps children around metro Detroit with their dental needs

Foundation provides dental funding to uninsured children in southeastern Michigan

By Paula Tutman - Reporter

DETROIT - The Michigan Department of Community Health reports that 11% of children in the State of Michigan do not have  insurance.

That means more than 1 in 10 children, your friends and neighbors, do not have access to dental care.  With more and more people losing employment, more and more children are caught in the net of having less when their parents lose their benefits.

Children's ToothFairy Foundation provides free dental care to children under the age of 17 in Southeastern Michigan.  That means the ToothFairy is in and she's taking appointments. 

We have plenty of slots open immediately so children can get the dental care they need, at no cost to their families.  While CTFF doesn't provide for cosmetic dentistry, braces or orthodontics, we do pay for fillings, X-Rays, root canals and a host of other preventative, basic, comprehensive and emergency dental services.

Founded by Local 4's own Paula Tutman, the 501(c)3 non-profit foundation is dedicated to building children's smiles to last a lifetime.

Children's ToothFairy Foundation has also been holding summer education outreach clinics at area day camps with the help of students from University of Detroit Mercy, School of Dentistry.

Children are given one on one tutoring on proper oral health care and taking care of their smiles. They're also screened to determine the State of Their Smile.  That's how we can find out if a child is hurting or is in need of immediate dental care.  The child is then given a tool kit to get them on the right path of proper oral health care.

But you don't have to be in our clinics to get free dental care.  Simply contact us at our website and let us know if you know of a child who needs our help.  Or just take a tour to see what we're doing.  We'd be happy to have you support us or even join our mission.

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