Plan would build new US-Canada bridge at Detroit

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder joins Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper for Friday announcement

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

WINDSOR, Canada - Mary Ann Cuderman owns the Old Town Bake Shop in Windsor, positioned between the Ambassador Bridge and the site for the proposed international crossing. She tells Local 4 she's watched the efforts of Canada to work with Michigan to build a new bridge for a decade now and she's sick of tired of Detroit International Bridge Company efforts to delay the new bridge any longer.

At12:45 p.m. Friday, Canada's Prime Minister Steven Harper along with Governor Snyder will announce plans to move forward with the new bridge. To Cuderman, the announcement is directed right at DIBC owner Matty Moroun. "It's like they're saying, time's up buddy. Move out of the way." Cuderman says.

Meantime, auto insiders say the new bridge will not only bring 6,000 construction jobs to the Detroit and Windsor area to build the bridge, but the bridge will help automotive jobs on both sides of the river.

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Chrysler, for example, is adding shifts at its Jefferson North and Warren Assembly plants. Its stamping plants move parts across the Ambassador Bridge hundreds of times a day to its Windsor mini-van assembly plant. Insiders say then ew bridge gives manufacturers the needed boost of moving parts faster, helping business make deadline and also help them expand in the future.


Local 4 asked representatives from the Detroit International Bridge Company for comment about today's announcement. A spokesperson says no comments will be made prior to the governor's and prime ministers news conference. DIBC has vowed to try to put the new bridge up to a vote of the people by putting the issue on the ballot.

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