Police: 17-year-old student sexually assaulted in west Detroit

Detroit police say teen had just exited bus when armed attacker approached her from behind, dragged her to vacant garage

By Hank Winchester - Reporter


A 17-year-old Detroit student was sexually assaulted Wednesday in an alley near Roselawn Street just east of Wyoming Street on the city's west side.

Police say the teen was on her way home from school when she exited a bus and a man, armed with a gun, approached her from behind. She told police the man dragged her into a vacant garage where he sexually assaulted her.

"We really are up on our block, keeping it more secure and being more vigilant as far as what's going on. Unfortunately, I didn't see anything yesterday," said Debra McBryde, who lives in the area.

McBryde is active in the neighborhood watch and says more needs to be done to keep young people safe in the area.

"Hoping that things can get better, as far as the city, to help protect these kids who are coming from school," she said.

The victim told police she never saw the attacker's face. However, she saw the gun and heard his deep voice. Police are investigating and those living in the area are on high alert.

"A lot of theses alleys are blocked off, but this one is not blocked off. So, they probably have to block it off," said a neighbor.

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