Police raid after-hours club

A popular destination near downtown Detroit has been shut down after it was busted for underground and illegal operations.

The blind pig on Bagley Street was the site police say had wild parties featuring sex, drugs and anything else you can imagine. Early Sunday morning, the Wayne County Sheriff's Department came with a search warrant and raided the party.

"Your typical blind pig had illegal sex acts, drinking and also drug usage," said Capt. Kal Sabbagh of the Wayne County Sheriff's Department.

More than 45 people were ticketed, 25 cars impounded and police confiscated cocaine, marijuana and handguns. Three people were arrested on outstanding warrants.

"We've had numerous complaints about this location and we also have been investigating this place for the last several months. This specific location is also tied to several other operations that we're currently working," said Capt. Sabbagh.

The party was taking place in an apartment that was rented in a building. The owner of the building told Local 4 he did not care what was happening inside the apartment because he was just glad to get a rent check every month.

According to police, the after-hours club attracted people from across the state including Grand Rapids and the Saginaw area.

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