Shots fired after neighbor spots catalytic converter thieves on Detroit's east side

Elderly man shot in arm when bullets enter home at Chandler, John R streets

By Will Jones - Reporter

DETROIT - Neighbors awoke to the sound of gunshots early Monday morning at Chandler and John R streets on Detroit's east side.

"Just heard like eight or nine shots or something. I didn't get up because I don't like to be near the windows or anything like that, because you don't know where the bullets are going," said Marvin Jones, who lives in the neighborhood.

A man spotted two crooks stealing the catalytic converter from his neighbor's Chevrolet Venture. He came out armed with a gun, hoping to scare them away. Police say the men took off toward their car, fired shots and drove off.

Just minutes later they came back for more. They fired shots at the home. The homeowner shot back. His friend -- an elderly man inside his home -- was shot in the arm.

"When I was asleep I heard the shooting but I was just waking up," said Ella Wilks.

Wilks just got the minivan last week. She is just thankful she has neighbors who look out for each other.

"Well he is always watching out because, before, people have broken into his house, so he always be watching out," she said.

There isn't a good description of the thieves to pass along, but witnesses say they took off in a black Dodge Charger.

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