Shots fired again at troubled Club Pandemonium in Detroit

Shots fired Thursday night at Detroit club where bouncer was killed, Detroit 300 member was killed

DETROIT - Cellphone video shows a fight break out at an already troubled Detroit club, and the sound of gunfire is clear.

The video of a rap concert Thursday night at Club Pandemonium is at the same place where bouncer Lou Ferrin was shot to death this past weekend. Moreover, Detroit 300 member Marcel Jackson also was shot and killed at Pandemonium in June.

Now, video of yet another shooting at the nightclub has some residents calling for its shutdown.

"This club needs to be shut down. It's getting way out of control," said Ferrin's brother, Mark Ferrin.

Ferrin's family is convinced there is nothing but trouble at Pandemonium.

"It's what he would want. It's how he was known. Big Lou, security," said Mark Ferrin. "When is enough enough? Someone has to step in, shut that place down before some other innocent victim is in the same position we are."

The club owner is not talking. When Local 4 stopped by Pandemonium this week workers were taking down the sign. But is this really the end of the line for this troubled Detroit club?

-- Workers were taking the sign down Friday at Club Pandemonium.

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