Thieves climb ladder, ransack Detroit couple's apartment, steal safe

Man hospitalized after 3 gunmen bust into apartment on Larking Street

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

DETROIT - Al Wise is in the hospital recovering from massive cuts and after suffering chest pains brought on by a violent invasion Tuesday morning at his west Detroit home.

At about 4:30 a.m., three men -- all armed and wearing masks -- climbed a ladder and crawled through an upstairs window to get into Wise's apartment on Larking Street. They ransacked the home, leaving the floor covered in broken glass.

They grabbed Al and pulled him downstairs.

"All I had seen was blood, so I came running down the stairs. There is broken glass all throughout our apartment in every single room, " said Alecia Wise, Al's wife.

The gunmen found what they apparently were after.

"One of them found the safe in the closet," said Alecia.

The safe was filled with several thousands of dollars in cash. Alecia said she and Al were putting away money for their newborn, Mya, who has been in the hospital since birth for surgery for a serious heart defect.

The men left the ladder at the apartment. Detroit police evidence technicians will have it checked for fingerprints.

-- Al Wise with newborn daughter Mya

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