Thieves steal pastor's tires in Detroit church parking lot

Dwayne Houston visiting from Dallas when tires, rims ripped from his car

DETROIT - Pastor Dwayne Houston and his wife traveled to Detroit from Dallas to attend a revival at a west side Detroit church Sunday morning. 

Just 30 minutes into the program, the day of prayer is interrupted by thieves hunting prey. 

"I got a call that my tires and rims had been taken and come out and find it jacked up," says Houston.

The wheels he rode in on, were gone.

The thieves were so brazen they took the time to screw back on the lug nuts before taking off with the pastor's brand new tires. 

"It's very sad, you come to a city I was born and raised in, come for a revival and then have to come outside to something like this," said Houston.

Sadly, churchgoers say this isn't a one-time incident. But it's the first time it's happened to a visitor.

" I'm sad about it, because there's something that really needs to be done in the neighborhood and in our community because this is not a one time," said Linda Anthony of New Foundation Christian Center.

Minister Norman Black went on to say, " I think it's sad that people would go on church property and take away from the church, when the church is trying to help the community."

It wasn't the homecoming Houston expected, but in the disappoint he looks for blessings. The church is also praying for those people responsible.

" For the individuals that did this, we're going to pray for them. They need prayer," said Black.

Some one reported seeing a red mini van in the parking lot before the incident. A report has been filed with police.

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