What are Mike Duggan's chances as a write-in?

A number of things need to go the former DMC CEO's way to make the general election

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

DETROIT - After being removed from the ballot for turning in his petitions to be Detroit's mayor too early, Mike Duggan is back in the race with a write-in campaign.

Sounds simple, but it's not.

Write-ins are rarely successful because you're asking the voters to do something they don't do. Write in the name and fill in the oval next to it. Plus, Detroit has a high illiteracy rate. Still, Duggan has been a consistent front runner, so what are his odds?

"The odds of this happening are spectacular. We have a better chance of getting hit with a meteor tomorrow than him prevailing on this; particularly if anybody puts any resources into Lisa Howze," said political consultant Joe Munem. 

Howze is on the ballot, put any money into bumping up her name I-D and she can easily bump Duggan out. 

The top two finishers in the August primary advance to the general election and right now Benny Napoleon sure seems to be one of them. Duggan did get a gift from the universe, though. Usually absentee ballots would already be in mailboxes in the city but they're not because of a court challenge over a name in the Clerk's race. Which means if Team Duggan kicks it into high gear and gets ads up explaining what voters need to do if he has a shot at those absentee voters.

Two things which can make the difference for Duggan: money and an exceptional ground game.  He'll need both.

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