Will plan for downtown Detroit deliver?

Major downtown Detroit revitalization plan has businesses, residents excited, optimistic


They are images of a more vibrant and lively downtown Detroit. Ideas put to paper that will soon become reality.

On Thursday, civic and business leaders unveiled big plans for the Woodward Corridor. Those who live and do business in the area are ecstatic.

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"I think it's absolutely awesome," said Dionne Richardson, of Our Studio.

New shops, restaurants and a Papa Joe's Gourmet Market located near Campus Martius are in the works. The plan centers on creating six standout destinations that drive people to the area and keep them coming back.

The area near Harmonie Plaza is among those up for revitalization.

"For me, personally, I think it's a wonderful thing. As a business owner right here in Detroit, in the middle of Paradise Valley, I think it's amazing," said Kenny Akinwale, of Detroit Seafood Market.

During the past couple of years, these business owners have seen and felt the progress around them.

"We have a momentum going, and to build on that and to push so much more into that to make it go further and faster, that's just fabulous," said Richardson.

Akinwale says it's a rebirth of the city.

"We're seeing the rebirth of Detroit right here in Paradise Valley," he said.

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