Woman at center of Detroit police chief sex scandal receives threats

Angelica Robinson receives death threats since Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee's retirement announcement

DETROIT - The woman at the center of an alleged Detroit police chief sex scandal is facing heavy scrutiny since Ralph Godbee handed in his retirement letter.

Local 4 has learned officer Angelica Robinson has been receiving death threats and harassing letters and phone calls.

"Overwhelming is definitely the word," Robinson told Local 4. "It's not easy, but I'm hanging in. I have a phenomenal support system."

"It doesn't need to be compounded by any individual that would show any malice toward her, it doesn't make any sense," said Detroit Police Officer's Association President Joe Duncan.

Sources say the whole scandal is taking a toll on the Detroit Police Department. Officers already are dealing with pay cuts and longer hours. Now, those officers are left asking, what's next?

"The morale of the officers is at an all-time low. You think it can't get any lower, it does. It's one thing after another. Distraction after distraction," said Duncan.

"Even though they're going through a lot, they're actually weathering the storm very well from what I can tell and from what I've seen," said Dale Brown of the Detroit Threat Management Center.

Brown privately trains DPD officers. He says the men and women in blue are also concerned about the chief shake-up and just who will be their next boss.

"The concept of bringing someone from the outside is also troubling them," said Brown.

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