DTE Energy to practice ounce of prevention by trimming tress in Mich. communities

DTE: Fallen limbs, tree branches cause majority of power outages during storm

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DETROIT - To improve the reliability of electrical service and safety for customers, DTE Energy says crews will be working in several communities over the next two months to trim back trees. 

The company says fallen limbs and tree branches create about two-thirds of all power outages during severe weather. 

"By trimming to a 10-foot distance between tree branches and our power lines, we can significantly reduce tree-related power outages," said Vice President of Distribution Engineering and Construction Vince Dow. 

Representatives say tree trimming crews follow standards from the International Society of Arboriculture to maintain the health of trees. 

"Our goal is to keep customers' trees alive, healthy and out of harm's way," said Dow. "The pruning method we use removes only the branches located too close to power lines and helps ensure that future growth is directed away from power lines." 

After the trim, trees are less susceptible to disease and insect problems and they are more resistant to high winds and heavy ice.

DTE says if your property is selected for a tree trim, workers will remove small branches and debris from the property afterwards.

Large branches will be cut into firewood length and left behind for customer use or disposal. 

For more information contact DTE Energy or visit dteenergy.com.

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