Bobby Ferguson's attorney may have own conflict of interest in federal corruption trial

Bobby Ferguson, longtime friend of Kwame Kilpatrick, could file conflict of interest motion in Detroit federal trial

By Karen Drew - Reporter/Anchor


The Local 4 Defenders have new information Wednesday in the federal case against former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and others.

The latest conflict of interest among the defendants potentially involves Bobby Ferguson, the longtime friend of Kilpatrick.

In a motion filed in court on Wednesday, Ferguson's lawyer, Gerald Evelyn, disclosed he once represented a man named Johnny Hardiman in a previous, unrelated assault case.

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Hardiman is the vice president of the Detroit-based A&H contractors. He is expected to be called as a key witness to testify Ferguson and Kilpatrick extorted his company out of millions of dollars.

It is not clear if Ferguson will file a conflict of interest motion with the court. However, in Wednesday's filing, Evelyn wrote that Ferguson has waived any conflict whatsoever which may come up from his previous representation of Hardiman.

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Kilpatrick was in court Tuesday to argue with a judge about why his longtime attorney Jim Thomas should no longer represent him in the federal case. The judge shot down that request.

The federal case against Kilpatrick, Ferguson, Bernard Kilpatrick and Victor Mercado is expected to begin Sept. 6.

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