Feds focus on how Bernard Kilpatrick paid for trips out of state

Bernard Kilpatrick's trip to New Orleans, Las Vegas under microscope in federal trial

By Kevin Dietz - Reporter
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DETROIT - Bernard Kilpatrick had credit cards and he was using them in New Orleans.

Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's father dropped hundreds of dollars at a jewelry store, a hotel, and $50 at a restaurant. Who cares? The federal government cares very much.

Earlier, Bernard Kilpatrick's attorney suggested his client may not have even been on a trip to New Orleans in which airfare was paid for with the civic fund. Now, the jury knows for sure that Bernard Kilpatrick was there. Federal agents have gone back to dig up proof.

The jury is about to learn about another trip.

Jon Rutherford paid for a trip Bernard and Kwame took to Las Vegas. Rutherford wanted a riverfront casino. According to court records, he took the Kilpatricks to a championship boxing match, gave Kwame Kilpatrick $5,000 in cash and much more.

"Was there anything in Mr. Kilpatrick's mind that can be shown in either an audio tape, video tape or some sort of exchange, that Kwame was in fact trying to take money, extort money or bribe money from Mr. Rutherford to do this?" said legal expert Todd Flood.

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