Focus is on money in Kwame Kilpatrick trial's 1st day of testimony

Prosecution focuses on money Kilpatrick allegedly stole while mayor of Detroit

By Hank Winchester - Reporter


The first day of testimony in the former Detroit mayor's federal trial had a strong focus on money.

Kwame Kilpatrick's money and the thousands of cash he allegedly stole after he became the city's mayor was at the center of discussion on Monday.

Testimony starts in Kilpatrick trial

The court heard from a witness representing the Internal Revenues Service, two local bank employees and members of the mayor's executive protection unit. The IRS, bank employees and the member of the EPU were all talking about Kilpatrick's money. The prosecution wants the jury to believe Kilpatrick illegally obtained thousands in cash.

Kilpatrick made $172,000 as Detroit's mayor. However, he deposited more than $531,000 into different accounts. He also worked to pay off loans in different amounts and often brought cash into the bank to pay down those loans.

Kilpatrick federal trial special section

At least one member of the EPU is telling the jury he would grab money hidden in Kilpatrick's shoe, take it to the bank and use it to help pay off Kilpatrick's loans.

EPU testifies about Kwame Kilpatrick

There also were a series of questions Monday which asked the members of the EPU if they noticed Bobby Ferguson and Kilpatrick exchanging money. The officers said no and later revealed they were not always with the mayor and Ferguson during meetings.

Defense question police officer about Kilpatrick, Ferguson relationship

On cross examination, defense attorney Jim Thomas asked Detroit Police Sgt. Jefferson Travis if he ever saw Ferguson hand Kilpatrick cash. Travis replied no.

Travis also was asked if he had the impression that what was going on between Kilpatrick and Ferguson was shady. Again, he replied no.

Thomas then asked the police sergeant if there was a party at the mayor's Manoogian Mansion. Travis said, "Not that I'm aware of."

The judge then asked Thomas to move it along.

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