Judge holds firm on jury selection process for ex-Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick trial

Kwame Kilpatrick's federal trial set to begin in September, jury selection process begins Sept. 6

By Hank Winchester - Reporter


Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his legal team were back at Tuesday in federal court.

The debate in Kilpatrick's criminal trial now turns to the jury selection process. Attorneys went back and fourth with the judge who is not changing her plan for how this will play out.

"The court has decided how it is that she's going to do jury selection and we've raised our objections and she has ruled," said Kilpatrick's attorney, Jim Thomas. "So it doesn't do us any good to complain any further about it."

The judge says of the 400 potential jurors, roughly 40 will be questioned each day. The potential jurors also will review the witness list to determine if conflicts exist. The hope is to be left with 60 potential jurors who could be available to hear the case. That number later will be whittled down further.

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The process will begin Sept. 6. Big battles and arguments can be expected about those who will ultimately be chosen to hear this highly-anticipated criminal case.

"There is a lot of issues that are going to arise in a trial and, obviously, getting a fair jury is first and foremost in everybody's mind," said Thomas.

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