Kwame Kilpatrick back on tether after probation violation

Former Detroit mayor violates probation by failing to let officers know about $2,000 gift from pastor

DETROIT - Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is back on a tether and won't be allowed to travel after violating his parole.

Kilpatrick was shown on a Chesterfield Township Walmart surveillance video picking up a $2,000 money order. The cash was from Chicago-based pastor Corey Brooks who had gifted him the money.

"I think we did something great as a church to reach out to someone who has a checkered past and try to help their family on Christmas, needs to be something that's talked about. Our church is made up of a lot of guys who are ex-felons. So, if I stop helping ex-felons, I stop helping most of my church," Brooks said.

Kilpatrick apparently failed to let probation officials know he was receiving the money. He kept $800 of the gift and sent the rest to his family in Texas.

The day after he picked up the money he paid $500 in restitution to the state of Michigan.

On Thursday evening he tweeted, "Can't count all the blessings, words of encouragement and well wishes I've received 2night. Thank U ... Love yall back! #djangochained4now."

The former Detroit mayor will be kept in home confinement. He only will be allowed to leave for court issues.

This means Kilpatrick won't be able to travel back to his Texas home. He has been in Detroit for his federal corruption trial.

Kilpatrick has been on parole for an obstruction of justice conviction.

Michigan Department of Corrections officials were at Kilpatrick's mother's home Thursday on LaSalle Street in Detroit. They met with Kilpatrick for the first time since the Walmart surveillance video surfaced.

Attorney Todd Flood, who was at Kilpatrick's mother's home Thursday night, doesn't think the tether will be on his client for long.

"This is really much to do about nothing. The state is doing their due diligence. They're crossing their t's and dotting their i's. They want to know issues as it relates to the money he received. That's relatively easy to explain. It was a gift," Flood said.

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