Kwame Kilpatrick denied requests to go to Texas while he remains on tether

Former Detroit mayor wants to go home to family in Texas, but remains tethered after parole violation

By Kevin Dietz - Reporter


Embattled former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has been begging his parole agent to take off his tether so he can go back to his Texas home.

He emailed the agent, "Please take this thing off!" But Kilpatrick has been denied several requests to go home.

In a Feb. 6 request, Kilpatrick wrote, "My sons are playing one of their remaining two varsity basketball games on Friday. I have only seen them play in one game this season. It would be amazing for them, as well as me, if I'm allowed to attend this activity. I humbly request to travel to my home. would return on Sunday evening ... "

That request also was denied.

On Feb. 19 he wrote, "PLEASE UNCHAIN ME."

That was denied, too.

Kilpatrick's wife and kids came to Detroit one day to hear his defense attorney argue for his freedom in the federal corruption trial. Afterwards, Kilpatrick sent his parole agent an email saying, "I HATE asking this question. It is absolutely against any notion of humanity and freedom that I have left within me, but I have been requested to ask you for this by my family. Again, I HATE it. I am requesting to take my family to the airport in the morning ... "

Again, that request was denied.

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Kilpatrick is on a tether and forced to stay at his mother's Detroit home because he failed to disclose cash gifts to his parole agent. Those gifts include a $2,000 check from a Chicago pastor. Kilpatrick was caught on tape cashing the check at a Walmart.

The former mayor owes Detroit $850,000 in restitution. His most recent reports include additional cash gifts including $1,000 from former Supreme Court justice Conrad Mallett and $5,000 from his mother, former Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick.

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It's not clear if the gifts are additional parole violations. Kilpatrick asked to go home to Texas again this weekend. He is waiting for a decision.

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