Kwame Kilpatrick on trial: Day 67

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DETROIT - Local 4 is inside the courtroom for the federal corruption trial of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, Kilpatrick's dad Bernard Kilpatrick and his childhood friend Bobby Ferguson. Each day we bring you information from inside federal court as it happens.

9:02AM The video monitors are already on this morning and it looks like some of counsel is in the courtroom.

The last few mornings they have been meeting in Judge Nancy Edmunds's chambers to discuss evidenciary issues related to the wrap up of the trial.

Yesterday the judge informed jurors that the defense expects to be done tomorrow and we will likely be starting with closing arguments on Monday. 

9:08AM I spoke too soon. The lawyers all marched out of the courtroom, presumably to the judge's chambers. 

Apparently, this is quite common at the end of a trial to tie up all the loose ends. 

There is a possibility we might see CPA Gary Leeman who testified for the defense last week. Prosecution wasn't quite done with him so there's a chance they finish with his cross examination this morning. 

9:18AM And so we wait.

9:38AM Lawyers back in the courtroom. Just waiting for the judge. 

9:42AM Judge enters the room and now the jury comes in. 

Judge apologizes again for the delay. Once again, met in chambers to discuss end of the case issues related to all things: instructions, arguments, evidence and stipulations. In a case this long, there is a lot. 

"This has more meat to it," says the judge. 

We have no witnesses this morning says the judge. They are going to let the jury go. But they do have witnesses coming tomorrow. Leeman will be back but he has a medical issue as has another witness. Two other witnesses coming from out of town. Still expect to be done by tomorrow though and closing arguments on Monday. No jurors on Thursday and Friday. 

She has nothing else for the jury. Apologizes for bringing them in but didn't know until they started getting calls close to 9AM. Dismisses the jury.

9:45AM Tomorrow afternoon she will meet with lawyers to go over proposed instructions informally. On Friday morning, judge will rule on instructions on the record. 

Judge will also hear any defense Rule 29 on Friday morning. Also wants any stipulations that might be read to the jury and wants to clean up any evidenciary issues tomorrow. 

Judge asks if there is anything else from counsel. Nothing. 

Edmunds asks them to stick around for a few minutes to resolve some witness issues. 

Seems they are meeting in Thomas's office. and video is off. 

Wow that was quick. We'll be back tomorrow.

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