Kwame Kilpatrick says there's 'nothing to it' when it comes to money he got from Chicago pastor

Corey Brooks says money to Kilpatrick was gift, but Kilpatrick didn't report gift to corrections department

DETROIT - Kwame Kilpatrick says he's not worried about getting in trouble over $2,000 he received from a Chicago pastor.

"This wouldn't be a news story anywhere else but with Detroit and but with Kwame Kilpatrick," he told Local 4 Tuesday morning.

Local 4 has learned that Kilpatrick was wired the money in December from Pastor Corey Brooks.

"He didn't render any sort of work for it. It was a gift. It was a benevolence gift," Brooks told MyFoxChicago. "It was a Christmas gift."

Brooks said he sent the money after getting a letter from Kilpatrick. The letter said Kilpatrick's legal fees had rendered him broke.

In 2008, Kilpatrick was ordered to pay $1 million to Detroit as part of a conviction for lying under oath in a police whistleblower case. He still owes the city more than $800,000.

He's required to inform the court of any income, including gifts. The Michigan Department of Corrections confirmed to Local 4 that Kilpatrick didn't report anything in Decemeber.

"There's nothing to it," Kilpatrick said.

Kilpatrick and Brooks have been chatting about the money on Twitter:

@KwameAndFamily: Sending a big THANK YOU to Pastor @CoreyBBrooks and The New Beginnings Church Family in Chicago. Carlita & I are humbled by your generosity. 

@KwameAndFamily: @CoreyBBrooks Sorry that u had to deal w/the tremendous invasion of your privacy. Please continue to fight the good fight for our children! 

@CoreyBBrooks: Thank you @fox32news for being on top of the story and providing me with the information about the invasion of my privacy. #Grateful 

@CoreyBBrooks: Thankfully @fox32news informed me that my personal info was shared by a Clerk at Walmart in DET trying 2bring attention to @KwameAndFamily 

@CoreyBBrooks: When @fox32news showed up, I thought we were going to talk about our 2 members that were murdered, but they asked me about a Christmas Gift. 

@KwameAndFamily: @KwameAndFamily

@wfmatix Absolutely Good Brother! Thank you so much for the shout and support. Much love to you and your family.

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