Kwame Kilpatrick's life at Milan Federal Correctional Institute

Kwame Kilpatrick, Bobby Ferguson not being held with general prison population

MILAN, Mich. - Local 4 is learning what life is like behind bars for ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his friend Bobby Ferguson at the Milan Federal Correctional Institute.

A jury found Kilpatrick and Ferguson guilty of multiple federal corruption charges Monday morning and the pair was ordered to prison while they await their sentencing. No sentencing date has been set.

Kilpatrick and Ferguson are not living among the prison's general population and neither have had any visitors.

There is no word on whether or not they are being held in the same cell, but Local 4 is told they are not being given any special treatment.

A typical day's meal plan includes:

  • Breakfast: Fruit, oatmeal, bread, milk and coffee
  • Lunch: Meat (such as baked chicken), vegetable, fruit, bread and a beverage
  • Dinner: Meat, vegetable, bread, beverage and an occasional dessert.

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Kilpatrick's father, Bernard Kilpatrick, who was found guilty of one count of subscribing a false tax return in 2005, is not behind bars.

The former mayor and Ferguson could face up to 20 years in prison for their racketeering convictions alone.

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From left: Kwame Kilpatrick, Bobby Ferguson and Bernard Kilpatrick -- Sketch by Jerry Lemenu

Breakdown of verdicts:

Kwame Kilpatrick faced 30 counts. He was found guilty on 24 counts. There was no consensus on three counts and he was found not guilty on three counts. Bobby Ferguson faced 11 counts and was found guilty of nine counts, no consensus on one count and not guilty on one count.

Bernard Kilpatrick faced four counts and was found guilty on the sole count of subscribing to a false tax return in 2005 -- Count 38. He was found not guilty on two counts: attempted extortion and a tax charge.

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